• Mills Teacher Scholars


    Mills Teacher Scholars support SEL and Common Core.

    As the Mills Teacher Scholars program notes, SEL competencies are foundational to achieving the communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity goals embedded in the Common Core State Standards. How do teachers support this competency building while developing content understanding?

    It is through this lens that the SEL office is proud to partner with Mills Teacher Scholars, a program designing and supporting high quality, inquiry-based adult learning opportunities for teachers, principals, and coaches. The program creates a much-needed monthly space with facilitation and inquiry coaching for teachers to better understand the complexities of their work, and to implement changes to their teaching based on these considerations.

    OUSD teachers working with Mills Teacher Scholars are asking:

    1. What conditions do we need in place to support collaborative adult learning communities that build understanding?

    2. How do the evidence-based SEL curriculum and OUSD SEL standards support students’ academic content development?

    Together with Mills Teacher Scholars, our teachers are engaged in finding solutions to answer these important questions.

Last Modified on December 16, 2016