•  Mandated Reporter Training

    Per Board Policy 5141.4


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    What and who are Mandated Reporters?

    A Mandated Reporter is anyone who is obligated by virtue of their professional role to promptly report suspected child abuse to the appropriate law enforcement or social services agency. For a copy of the OUSD Legal Alert regarding this responsibility please click HERE. For a copy of the Board Policy please click HERE.

    Please be aware that failure to complete the training may be cause for discipline up to and including suspension or termination from employment.

    Under California law (AB 1432), every employee of a school district (all classified and certificated personnel at all sites, including substitutes) is a mandated reporter and must receive training in understanding and fulfilling their obligations to report suspected child abuse within the first six weeks of each school year or within six weeks of hire.

    Employees whom completed the training as part of their on-boarding process or other District-led training, including passage of the required embedded quiz, on or after July 1 of that school year are deemed to have satisfied this annual requirement.

    How does OUSD deliver Mandated Reporter Training?

    OUSD is providing a standardized online training to all staff through its partnership with Keenan Safe Schools. It is self-guided and each employee is responsible for taking the entire training independently. Instructions for getting to the training follow below.

    How long does the online training take to complete?

    The training takes 39 minutes to complete including the required quiz. 

    Do I need to send an email to HR or print my certificate to show I completed the training?

    The Human Resources Compliance Manager will receive an automatic notice when you have completed your training so there is no need to email your certificate to HR. Feel free to print a certificate of completion for your own records, if you wish to do so. Please check with your immmediate supervisor to see if a certificate should be printed for your supervisor's records.

    I already know this material - can I just skip to the quiz and "challenge" the course?

    No, the law states that the material needs to be delivered to each employee each year, so please plan to watch the presentation, answer any embedded questions and complete the quiz at the end. Do not skip or fast-forward through sections as this will trigger sections to start over, and tends to create errors that make the whole experience take even longer. The material is updated annually to address user and expert input and changes to the law, and is worth watching!

    How do I access the training?

    1. The training is available online through Keenan Safe Schools. To enter the system you will type in your username which is your OUSD Employee E-mail address, (First.Last@ousd.org). Then press Log In.

    2. Search for the course entitled, Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect (Full Course).

    3. Complete all steps of the training in either English or Spanish. 

    My 'position' and/or 'location' is not correct in Keenan. Will I still be able to complete the requirement?

    Yes, please complete the training requirement so you meet the deadline. The District's ESCAPE system continues to be the source of employee position information, so please contact the Keenan System Coordinator, Laura Brady (see contact information below), if you see incorrect position or location data. The System Coordinator will work with the appropriate personnel to research this issue further.

    What if I have other questions I do not see listed here?

    Please direct any questions related to Mandated Reporter training to Laura Brady, Systems Associate, at laura.brady@ousd.org.

    Page updated: AUGUST 26,2020