• Oakland Summer Interns Present Work Made
    With Intel Technology

    Intel Video Screenshot



    OAKLAND, CA - It was a big summer for nine McClymonds High School and 20 Oakland Technical High School students, as they presented innovative products they created as Intel High Tech Pathway Interns in an immersive program that ended on July 29.  

    The internship was offered to Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) students for the first time this summer as part of Intel’s five-year, five million dollar commitment for the development of computer science and engineering pathways.

    “Intel has demonstrated a genuine investment in Oakland students not only financially, but through the participation of their own experienced employees”, said Antwan Wilson, OUSD Superintendent. “The intensive teaching and mentoring that Intel provided to these student interns is an invaluable extracurricular enrichment that will help inform their career paths.”  

    The first part of the five-week internship was based at the Intel campus in Santa Clara where Intel staff taught students how to design technology products to benefit the Oakland community. The second portion consisted of a two-week Maker Experience, during which students applied design concepts using the Arduino prototyping platform, which allows for the creation of interactive electronic objects.

    For the exhibition day at Oakland Technical High School, each team showcased their projects at an interactive booth. One team designed a smart streetlights system to conserve energy and optimize the flow of traffic at night. Their system uses sensors to change stoplights to green and turn on lights when cars are nearby. Another team designed a vest that can be worn by the blind. The sensors in the vest make a beeping noise when they detect that the person is approaching an obstacle.

    “We have been truly impressed by the enthusiasm and high level of work produced by Oakland Tech and McClymonds students,” said Richard Taylor, Senior Vice President and Director, Human Resources, Intel Corporation. “This partnership with OUSD strengthens our commitment to building programs that uplift student achievement and school success.”  

    The Intel team came to Oakland from around the world, with engineers visiting from Poland, Israel and across the United States. Intel created a video montage that illustrates what the interns did, how they learned and what the experience meant to them.  


    The Intel High Tech Pathway Internship is exemplary of the real-world learning opportunities available to OUSD students through Linked Learning. It was made possible by the Intel Education Service Corps Oakland Maker Project, Oakland Public Education Fund,McClymonds High School and Oakland Technical High School.