• Message from the Associated Student Body President


    Hello Titans,

    Skyline. Just saying the name evokes a sense of strength, unity, and power. All things we as Titans represent and possess. It's one of the many reasons I'm proud to call myself President of the Associated Student Body -- or ASB President for short. I truly admire the diversity of my student body and the courage we all show when we face adversity.


    Coming into this presidency I saw, and still see, a lot of our strong points and I am ecstatic to highlight and embolden future generations to uphold them. However, our school isn’t perfect, so there are a few things I proposed while running for president. One was creating deeper sense of community amongst all of our classes to promote positivity and inclusivity on campus. I also advocated for total transparency between our school and district officials so that we can stay informed and included in the happenings of our campus. Both of these are my biggest goals and are already on track to becoming my accomplishments for Skyline! I believe that we as students have a say in what our school decides to do and we have the ability to do whatever we put our minds to. In short, I love Skyline with all my heart. It is a school unlike any other where our creativity and influence knows no bounds. I, for a fact know Skyline will have a deep impact on the young men and women attending who will go on to take strides in a world Skyline has prepared us for.


    So with that being said, with the voice of thousands of students, GOOOOOOOO TITANS!!



    Antwan Adams

    ASB President

    Class of 2019
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