• Clearing Absences 

    Ways to Clear A Student's Absence 

    1. BEST WAY:  Write a note with:

      • your student's first and last names,
      • the date(s) they were absent,
      • the reason they were absent,
      • then sign your name (parent/guardian) and date the note.  

    Have your student bring the note to the Attendance Office - in the Admin Building, first open door on the right, next to the counselors offices. Ask for Ms. Miller.

    2. Call Skyline at 482-7109
    • press 2 then when prompted, enter extension 265 or 264.  If there is no answer, please leave a message.   
    3. Email one of the Attendance Clerks

    Information to include in your note, email or message:

    • your student's first and last names
    • the date(s) they were absent 
    • the reason they were absent
    • parent/guardian contact info 
    Note that not all reasons will clear an absence.

    When Will The Absence Be Cleared

    You can check Aeries to see if your student's absence has cleared. Please allow up to 3 days for an absence to be cleared after you have contacted the Attendance Office. Please note that the following activities will be cleared by your student's teacher, coach or administrator and may require a greater length of time to be cleared:

    • Sports
    • Field Trips
    • Testing
    • Assemblies
    If an absence from one of these activities hasn't been cleared within one week, please contact the attendance clerk.