• English Language Acceleration Program (ELAP)

    All OUSD schools provide English Language instruction for ELLs with ELAP. ELAP ensures that ELL students are provided with Designated English Language Development (ELD) and that ALL students in classes that include ELLs receive Integrated English Language Development.


    During the enrollment process, ELL students may be enrolled in the ELAP program or a specific instructional program based on their learning needs. Families then review program placement in parent-teacher meetings and the Language Acceleration Review Committee (LARC) reviews student progress and creates an action plan to accelerate academic language development.

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ELAP Features

    • Designated English Language Development (ELD): ELLs spend at least 30 minutes per day in elementary or a course in secondary. 
    • Integrated English Language Development: all students with ELLs in their class have Integrated ELD throughout the day in all subjects.
    • Monitoring of ELL progress towards reclassification within six years and for two years after reclassification.
    • ELLs with Individual Education Plans have clear articulation and implementation of IEP language development goals.
    • Family engagement, bilingual support staff and community partnerships that support the educational experience of ELLs.

What does ELAP mean for choosing a school?

  • ELLs can attend any school in OUSD, as all schools will have supports through ELAP. However, we recommend specific programs to best meet the needs of certain groups of students: