ELL Programs by School and Model

  • ELL Programs by School and Model

    The English Language Acceleration Program (ELAP) is the base program for all schools with any number of ELL students. The specialized programs detailed below include all the following universal elements of ELAP with specific additions. ELAP program features: 

    • Base program for all sites and classrooms serving ELLs
    • Strengthens grade-level instruction for ELLs and ALL students
    • Includes Integrated English Level Development (ELD) and Designated ELD 
    • ALL sites and staff must have the skills and resources to effectively serve students, including ELLs. 


    Click here for program graphic Newcomer Dual Language (DL) Early Exit Transitional
    Who? Students who have been in the US for three years or less All students who wish to be completely bilingual and biliterate Early elementary ELLs who are dominant in their home language
    What? Newcomer programs offer intensive support in language & content learning, cultural knowledge building, & social emotional learning

    Includes both universal supports (which is offered at all schools with newcomers) and intensive Newcomer Program versions that include additional designated ELD
    Dual language programs provide instruction in two languages in order for students to become fully bilingual and biliterate

    DL programs feature Integrated and Designated Language Development in BOTH English and Spanish

    Families of all students including ELLs, English Only, Initially Fluent English Proficient, and Redesignated English Fluent Proficient
    Early Exit programs use student's home language to support English language acquisition and full transition to English-only instruction by third grade.
    Program Variations Universal Newcomer supports: Offered at all schools with newcomers

    Newcomer Programs include additional supports and designated ELD offered at the schools below.
    Two Way Immersion: For students of all language backgrounds hoping to become fully bilingual and biliterate

    One Way Immersion: For students that are either bilingual or students dominant in Spanish
    Spanish Early-Exit Transitional

    Where? Elementary Schools
    All elementary schools serve newcomers in a full inclusion model. The following schools have over 50 newcomers and receive centrally provided support in the form of Newcomer Teacher Leaders

    Elementary Schools
    • Bridges
    • East Oakland Pride
    • Esperanza
    • Franklin
    • Garfield
    • Global
    • Lincoln
    • Lockwood STEAM
    • Manzanita
    • Markham
    • Highland Community
    • REACH
    • TCN

    Middle Schools
    • Bret Harte
    • Frick United Academy of Language
    • Melrose Leadership Academy
    • United for Success
    • Urban Promise Academy
    • Roosevelt
    • Westlake

    High Schools
    • Castlemont
    • Fremont High School
    • Madison Upper
    • Oakland High School
    • Oakland International High School
    • Rudsdale Continuation School
    • Skyline
    Elementary Schools
    • Global Family 
    • Lockwood STEAM
    • Esperanza Elementary
    • International Community School
    • Manzanita SEED
    • Greenleaf
    • Bridges

    Middle Schools
    • Melrose Leadership Academy
    Spanish Early-Exit Transitional
    • Acorn Woodland (K-3)
    • East Oakland Pride (K-2)