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    Welcome to our resources page! There are many ways to ensure we are thinking about the health of students, staff and families at our schools. Use the icons above to learn more.


    Healthy Events


    Make all events healthy events! School events, like Back to School Night and Science Night can easily be health promoting. Serve healthy options to eat; water (still, sparkling, or fruit-infused) to drink; and offer fun physical activities. Below are resources to help you make your event healthy!

    The bike blender is a bike that powers a blender. This can be a fun and healthy activity that gives students and families the opportunity to exercise and have a healthy smoothie! 
    Flyers you can handout at your school as well as a Wellness Policy Power Point Presentation that you can use to present to your staff. For USDA Myplate Downloadable Flyers, click here
    Recommendations and tips to keeping your food and drinks at your event healthy! 
    An online tool to check if food/beverages follow Healthy Food Guidelines. 
    Tips and templates to help you publicize your event. 

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    Healthy Celebrations


    Make classroom and school-wide celebrations healthier! Birthday and holiday parties can be fun without candy and sugary drinks. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to serve food that does not meet OUSD food guidelines once a month. Which healthy celebration are you having? 
    Even though Halloween is known for candy, there are many healthy alternatives! This is a list of Healthy Halloween activities, snacks, and even ways to get active! 
    Valentine's Day isn't all about chocolates! There are many healthy options for Valentine's gifts and activities.
    1. Staff Communication
    Try announcing to Teachers and Staff...
         ~ Valentines day can be healthy!
         ~ The Candy Free Valentines Pledge (click here)! 
         ~ How you are making Valentine's day healthy in your classroom (candy free ideas below)
    2. Family Communication
    The week before Valentines Day (week of February 6), we recommend sending a letter home (click here for a template) or you can include some language from the template in the school newsletter. 
    Here are a few more Healthy Valentines alternatives you can give to families: 
         ~ Healthy Potluck Sign up Sheet (click here)
         ~ Non Candy Valentine Ideas (click here)
         ~ Healthy Snacks for Valentine's day (click here and click here)
    3. Valentines Classroom Activities (candy free)!
         ~ Get Physical! Try...
    (1) giving extra recess time
    (2) class games e.g. I love my neighbor who...
    (3) setting up an obstacle course
    (4) having a class dance party
         ~ Get Artsy! Try...
    (1) asking a parent to lead a Valentine's arts and crafts activity
    (2) decorating your valentine bag/mailbox
    (3) creating a mosaic heart with your class
    (4) creating woven heart baskets
         ~ Get Valentines Healthy! Try...
    (1) Valentine's Taste Test with red fruits (e.g. raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate) 
    (2) Healthy potluck with parent sign up sheet (see parent communication link)
    (3) Teach students about food that keep a healthy heart (click here)
    Get started on that New Year Resolution early and start being healthy during the winter holiday season! There are many great activities and food ideas that keep it healthy!
    We want to celebrate everyone's special day with a healthy twist! While OUSD Wellness Policy only allows one day a month for non-OUSD Wellness Policy abiding food, we still encourage yummy healthy alternatives to the cupcakes and brownies.  


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    Healthy Fundraisers


    Make unhealthy fundraisers a thing of the past! Bake sales and candy sales are not the only way to raise money. What kind of healthy fundraiser are you having? Click here for a Healthy Fundraising Toolkit! 

    Physical Activity Fundraisers!
    • Walkathon
    • Zumbathon
    • Runathon
    • Danceathon
    • Bikeathon / Ride for a Purpose 


    Healthy Food Fundraisers! 
    • Fruit Kabobs
    • 100% Fruit Juice
    • Popcorn (no/light butter and salt)



    Non-Food Fundraisers!
    • Student Concert (donations for tickets)
    • Art Auction
    • T-Shirts (have a student design contest!)
    • Sweaters
    • School supplies - pencils, pens, erasers (try using your school name, colors, or motto!)
    • Water Bottles
    • Bags (tote bags, draw string bags, etc.)


    More tips here...

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    Healthy Rewards


    Reward students in healthier ways! Non-food rewards can go a long way and there are many alternatives that your students will love. What healthy rewards are you using? 
    Physical Activity Rewards!

    • Extra Recess
    • Game of kickball or other ames (try students v. staff!)
    • Dance Party
    • Hula Hoop Party
    • Walking field trip to park

    Non-Food Rewards!

    • Free/Explore time - different games/books out for use
    • Certificate/medal/sash
    • Movie time
    • "Student or class of the day"



    Healthy Food Rewards!  

    More tips here...









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    Healthy Presentations


    Partners can bring fun, healthy programming to your school. Check out options for assemblies, workshops, classes and special guests.

    This is a wellness policy presentation that you can present to your school staff and families. You can also use the Talking Points to help you with your presentation. 


Last Modified on August 19, 2022