• Physical Education Independent Studies Program   


    Rules and Requirements

    All students enrolled in PE Independent Studies program must adhere to all of the following rules and requirements to earn PE credit for participating in an Oakland Athletic League sanctioned sport on campus.  

    1. Students must complete the “Intended Sport Form” to make record of which sport(s) students intend to participate in.
    2. Students and parents of student must sign and turn in the “Intended Sport Form” and the PE Independent Studies contract. 
    3. Following the completion of the participated sport, students must have the team coach and the school's athletic director sign off on their “PE Independent Studies Completion Form.” Once the coach and athletic director sign off on this form, students must turn in their completed form to Mr. Anderson.  The due dates for the different seasons are as follows:
      • FALL SPORTS:  


    Requirements to receive PE credit for participation in a school sport:

    1. Only 10th-12th grade students are elibible for the PE Independent Study Program.
    2. Students must remain eligible with a 2.0 GPA and no more than one “F” throughout their sport to receive credit.
    3. Students must remain a part of the team throughout the entirety of their sports season to receive credit.  Disciplinary action which causes a student to be removed from the team and/or quitting a team will result in that student not receiving PE credit.

    If all of the above requirements are met, students will receive 5 credits per semester per sport season that they participate in.  A total of 10 credits can be earned through PE Independent Studies in a school year.


    Required Forms

    Download Contract and Intented Sport Form