• Associated Student Body Leadership Development Program

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    The Leadership Development Program at Skyline is designed to take students with leadership potential and help them cultivate their leadership skills. In this elective program, students organize and support dozens of Associated Student Body activities on campus under the direction of the Leadership Development Director.
    Students in the Leadership Development Program will:
    • Collect and make daily announcements to students and staff
    • Design and prepare the Yearbook for publication
    • Promote and manage the weekly Wheelchair Wednesday fundraiser
    • Determine Spirit Week events and promote them on campus (3 weeks per year)
    • Manage social media communications for students by Twitter, Instagram, & SnapChat
    • Support "Classroom Circles" (peer-to-peer counseling support opportunities)
    • Plan, promote, and manage school-wide dances
    • Work in "department" groups* twice a week
    Every Leadership student selects or is assigned to one of seven service departments. Each Tuesday and Wednesday, the students work in their department groups to tackle different jobs on campus. The departments are:
        1. Event Planning
        2. Marketing
        3. School Store - Student-Based Enterprise
        4. Sports & Clubs
        5. School Beautification
        6. Student Health
        7. College & Career

    Students are also required to participate in community service at the school as well as in the broader community.
    In order to take a Leadership Development class, a student must be nominated by a teacher, provide two teacher recommendations, submit an application, and sit for an interview with the Leadership Director. This application process mirrors the application processes of many educational and employment institutions and is an appropriate first step for students interested in leadership. 
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    Sean Kohles cameron.kohles@ousd.org

    Leadership Development Teacher

    Activities Director