• Grading, Report Cards & TestingBret Harte


    OUSD students are given letter grades in each class for each marking period based on attendance, progress, and completion of work.

    • A=4 points
    • B=3 points
    • C=2 points
    • D=1 point
    • F=0 points.

    These grades are averaged together to arrive at a grade point average. Students receiving grades of 3.0 and above are placed on the Honor Roll.

    A parent conference will occur after each marking period (except the final marking period) for students receiving a GPA lower than 2.0. Attendance at these conferences is important so parents can learn how to support their child's learning.

    Report Cards

    Expect to see six report cards throughout the year, issued one week after the end of each Marking Period. Report cards are mailed home one week after the marking period ends.

    Please be aware that marking period grades are used to formulate the semester grade. You will see your child's semester grades on the third report card of each semester. Semester grades are extremely important because they are placed on the student's transcript.


    Students are given assessments with enough regularity that testing does not cause stress in most students. If your child expresses anxiety over tests, please talk to his or her teacher.

    Each spring, all Bret Harte students take a series of tests known as SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment) or CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress). SBAC testing days are schoolwide events, and classes are scheduled differently than usual. Your student's scores are mailed home in the summer. Your student's scores matter to the overall success of the school.

    In P.E., students are tested between February and April on state physical fitness standards according to age and gender.

    Progress Reports

    The easiest way to find out how your student is doing in their classes is to check their grades on Illuminate.  Or, on Friday mornings, your student can ask for a progress report from the office to take to all of his/her classes and bring home to you. Teachers can also be contacted for progress reports in an individual subject.