• Project Committee Mission

    The Project Committee’s mission will be to advise the District in developing and implementing a communications plan for the project.  A communications plan should be created for each major project at its outset. The communications plan should create opportunities for meaningful public input to the project design and construction process. 


    The Center Project Committee Active Members 2018-19

     Annette Miller, Neighborhood Resident Action

    Wanda Stewart, Gardening Teacher, Hoover Elementary

    Adam Kesselman, Center for Ecoliteracy

    Cesar Escalante, Community Liaison, Hoover Elementary

    Renia Webb, Community Liaison, Neighbor

    Alternier Cook, Chair of the Friends of the Hoover Library, Neighbor

    Custiss Sarikey, Chief of Staff of OUSD

    Irene Reynolds, Director of Nutritional Services

    Michelle Oppen, Wellness Coordinator