• Project Committee Mission

    The Project Committee’s mission will be to advise the District in developing and implementing a communications plan for the project.  A communications plan should be created for each major project at its outset. The communications plan should create opportunities for meaningful public input to the project design and construction process. 

    Glenview Project Committee Active Members 2018-19

     Allie DiLauro, Parent

    Bea Fowlkes, Teacher

    Betty Gray, Glenview Neighborhood Association

    Debra Israel, Noel Gallo’s Office

    Donna Rolle, Neighbor

    Jennifer Majan, Parent Teacher Association

    John Miller, Teacher

    Josh Seidenfeld, Parent

    Joshua Krafchin, Neighbor

    LaResha Martin, Network Superintendent

    Leila Nichols, Parent

    Liz Sullivan, OUSD Director of Community Engagement

    Matthew Takimoto, Teacher

    Nancy Rowell, Neighbor

    Nick Griffin, Parent

    Noel Gallo, City Council Member for District 5

    Rachel Quinn, Principal

    Roberta Masliyah, Parent

    Roseann Torres, School Board Member for District 5

    Will Lynch, Parent

    William Newby, OUSD Facilities Project Manager