• Hillcrest Finishing Kitchen Committee

  • According to Board of Education Policy (BP) 7155, for each major facilities project, the District shall assist each school community in establishing a Project Committee. Each project committee shall include the following individuals, to the extent to feasible: 

    • School Principal or his/her representative
    • Teacher from the school
    • Facilities Department representative
    • Parent-Teacher Association/School Site Council representative or similar
    • Student representative
    • Parent or guardian at large
    • Neighborhood groups representative or similar

Minutes, Agendas, Notes

Committee Members

Name Role
Amir Kakavand Parent
Barb Roberts Neighbor
Barbara Fross Neighbor
Ben Stiegler Neighbor
David Roberts Neighbor
Diane Ambrose Parent
Ellie Judy Parent
Larry Bodner Parent
Manan Shah Neighbor
Mary Orfali Neighbor
Mitzi Onizuka Neighbor