• Community Committee

    The ELC Committee was formed in December 2014 with the primary role of advising the Superintendent on the scope of the project. The recommendations from the Committee will be based on a community engagement process. The Committee’s recommendations will then be presented to the Board on April, 22 2015, and the Board will decide how to move forward.

    The charge of the committee is to:
    ✓ Ensure that an integral and robust community engagement process is in place
    ✓ Research and align all the city projects that impact the 2nd Avenue Project and the surrounding area
    ✓ Review all pertinent documents, former RFQ and communications to understand the historical context of this project
    ✓ Attend and participate in community engagement activities associated with the 2nd Avenue Project
    ✓ Provide Pros/Cons on conceptual designs that will go to the Superintendent and inform the conceptual designs (3) that are recommended to the Board ✓ Attend all 2nd Avenue Project Committee Meetings
    ✓ Provide feedback and guidance on the types of outreach that will booster mass understanding of the priorities and the process used to develop recommendations for conceptual designs for the parcels at 2 nd Avenue

    Committee Members

    Robin Glover Dewey Principal
    Vicky Stoneham Dewey Teacher
    Jackie Palma Recent Dewey Graduate
    Ana Alvarado MetWest Student & All City Council Member
    Chaz Garcia Community member at large and a member of the Oakland Education Association
    Eve Delfin Community Member at large
    Jeffery Taner Community Member at large
    Bruce Kariya Community Member at large
    Whitney Dwyer Teacher from MetWest
    Naomi Schiff Community Member at large and a member of Oakland Heritage Alliance

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