• Mr. Carlos Andrés Gómez

    Award winning poet, writer, speaker and actor visits the Mack House!

    Carlos Gomez


    by Leah Jensen, Teacher Librarian, McClymonds High School


    On Tuesday, May 10, Mr. Carlos Andrés Gómez visited our scholars in the Library Commons. Prior to the event, Mr. Gómez asked me if there was any specific theme he should speak about. I thought for a moment and responded, "connectedness". He smiled and said, "that's just what I was thinking!"


    Mr. Gómez wowed our scholars and staff alike. Mixing personal stories with spoken word, he shared ackward high school experiences, coming of age as a young man, hearing poetry for the first time and crying like a baby. Connectedness begins with emotion. Knowing we all have feelings for similiar pains, loves, laughters, loss, and living makes us bring down the walls and grow closer. We laughed together, cried together and experienced what in theatre they call 'suspended disbelief'. It is when as an audience, we are completely encapsulated in the performance. So much so, time is halted and we are taken together on this journey trangressing time and space. Mr. Gómez graciously lead us to a higher level that day with his gift of poetry.


    Please enjoy a piece he shared with us about his younger sister.