• Instrumental Music Program

    The Skyline High School Instrumental instruction has had a very long and noteworthy history. The program offers Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir and Guitar classes. Our aim is to build character through the learning, playing and performing of music, individually and together as a group. We will learn music theory, notation, composition and arranging. In addition to for evening concerts here on campus, Jazz Band and Orchestra also prepares music for local and regional jazz festivals and other community events. We want to develop musical skills, discipline and personal perception as a performer, while building an understanding of the unique and important role that every individual plays in a musical ensemble. The goals of the Instrumental music program are: 

    1. Develop an understanding of rhythmic and melodic notation and apply this skill to individual and ensemble
    2. Learn to better recognize correct intonation within the ensemble as related to his/her playing
    3. Gain a greater understanding of musical style, structural analysis, and historical context of the music being
    4. Participate in fulfilling musical performances





     Adam Green 19-20


    Adam Green 

    Instrumental and Choral Music Director

    Phone  (510) 482-7109, Ext. 203