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    OUSD prepares children for success in Kindergarten and beyond by providing students with curriculum that is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate. It is our goal to provide each child with individual attention that is essential during the early years, an engaging curriculum and a safe, nurturing environment in which students thrive.

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  • ECE Enrollment Center 

    746 Grand Avenue, Room A
    Oakland, CA 94610


    P: 510-879-8410
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    ECE Administrative Office

    1025 4th Avenue
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    8:30AM - 4:00PM
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    P: (510) 879-8410
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    In order to qualify for preschool or school-age services, each family must complete a certification process that adheres to the State regulations governing licensed preschool programs.  The chart below outlines the certifications that must be completed for each program type offered through OUSD. 

    Program Type


    Need for Services

    Health Documentation

    Full Day Preschool


    3-Hour Preschool




    School-Age Program



    Please click the "Required Documents" tab to review the items that are required for enrollment.

  • Kindergarten Readiness Who We Are Practices Programs Practitioner Resources

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    Kindergarten readiness entails the combined efforts of families, the community and schools to come together and support student achievement both in the schools and in the community.