• PTA Board Positions

    President *

    • Acts as the liaison with the Principal

    • Coordinates with all Board members, officers and committees of the PTA

    • Leads Board meetings and general meetings

    • Appoints the recording secretary, parliamentarian, chairmen and members of committees, subject to ratification of the executive board

    • Interacts with National PTA, other local PTA chapters and the district on issues affecting Hillcrest

    • Acts as the spokesperson for the Hillcrest PTA at district meetings

    • Writes a weekly column in the Yellow Pages

    • Signs checks

    • Has all contract and/or legally binding documents approved by the association, prior to any two elected officers signing a contract

    Recording Secretary *

    • Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and the Board in a bound book, which is the legal record of this PTA

    • Is prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings

    • Prepares a list of all unfinished business for the President’s use

    • With the President, signs all warrants authorizing fund expenditures following approval by the association or Board and records all expenditures in the minutes

    • Keeps a current list of the paid members of the association provided by the membership chairman

    • Keeps a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules

    • Conducts all necessary correspondence of the association upon authorization of the President, Board, or association

    • Sends out notices of executive Board meetings

    Financial Secretary *

    • Organizes and deposits all checks

    • Keeps an accurate account of all monies received

    • Gives a copy of the receipt/deposit slip for all monies received to the Treasurer

    Treasurer *

    • Keeps permanent books of account and records that have sufficient enough information for them to be reviewed by auditors, or members of the California or National PTA, if requested

    • The treasurer writes the checks and does payroll; Signs all checks and secures two signatures on all checks

    • The treasurer creates a schedule of pay periods and payroll procedure sheet, which are distributed to the employees

    • The treasurer keeps a spreadsheet of how many hours employees have worked. In March/April, she notifies everyone of their remaining hours so they can plan when their programs finish up for the year

    • Receives and retains a copy of deposit slips for any deposits made

    • The treasurer prepares and presents a financial report at each meeting

    • Keeps the membership informed of expenditures as they relate to the budget adopted by the association

    • Unbudgeted expenses up to $1,500 can be approved by the board, anything over that needs to be approved by the board and then voted on by the membership, giving them at least 7 days notice of the vote

    • Fills out and forwards all necessary reports forms required by the California State PTA for insurance and for filing all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies

    • Makes an annual financial report to the association which includes gross receipts and disbursements for the year


    • The auditor is responsible for conducting a mid-year (January) and year-end (June) audit of the PTA books

    • The auditor coordinates with the Treasurer to get the necessary paperwork

    • The auditor prepares a written report to the Board and presents them at the January and September meetings

    • The auditor will audit the books immediately upon resignation of the treasurer or financial secretary or at any time deemed necessary

    1st VP – Programming *

    • Responsible for planning the programs for all PTA General Meetings

    • Typical schedule has been to plan a parent-only meeting one month and a family program the next. The Science Fair generally takes the place of one PTA meeting in the spring (usually in March)

    • On parent-only meeting nights, the VP of Programming generally arranges to provide daycare in the library. PTA regulations say that for childcare, you must have two unrelated adults supervising and they are not allowed to change diapers. AT workers sometimes provide care, and are generally assisted by middle school volunteers (often the parents using child care are charged $3 per child, and the money is given to the Middle School as a fundraiser for their field trips)

    • If the President is unable to perform his/her duties, the first VP is the first in line to perform the duties of the President

    2nd VP – Membership *

    • The membership VP is responsible for getting together the orientation packet, collecting PTA membership dues and maintaining the information board outside

    • While we encourage PTA membership, it’s not worth putting a lot of emphasis on badgering people to pay $5 dues—better to save it for the “big stuff”

    • Under the VP of Membership are the Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator and School Directory

    Volunteer Coordinator

    • The volunteer coordinator is also the head room parent

    • As the head room parent, this person coordinates a meeting at the beginning of the year to train the room parents. This person will also distribute binders to each room parent explaining how to do their job for the year. All communications to the room parents will come through this person

    • The volunteer coordinator is responsible for getting together the class sign up sheets that are put out at the back to school coffee and the first PTA meeting (also, the kindergarten class sheets are put out at the kindergarten ice cream social)

    • Often, this person works with the teachers so that the sign up sheet is tailored to fit the needs of each teacher. For instance, if the teacher wants parents to come in for centers or art or library time, the needs of the class are tailored to reflect that

    Hospitality Coordinator

    • The hospitality coordinator is responsible for the kindergarten ice cream social, the back to school coffee, the school-wide ice cream social, coffee and treats at PTA meetings/events

    • This person often works with room parents (through the head room parent) to have the different classes provide the snacks for each meeting

    • The hospitality coordinator also organizes the teacher appreciation luncheon in the spring

    School Directory

    • This person provides a form for the orientation packet which instructs people on how to make changes and gets permission from new families to have their information listed in the online directory as well as the printed version

    • The person in charge of the school directory updates the online directory and is responsible for coordinating getting the directory printed

    3rd VP – Personnel *

    • Responsible for writing up the contracts for our employees and independent contractors and making two copies—both are signed by the PTA and the employee

    • Distributes other forms to employees, including contact form, tax forms, etc.

    • Posts open positions on Craigslist

    4th VP – Ways and Means *

    • Oversees the positions for Auction, Auction-Elect, Walkathon, Scrip Sales and Donation Letter

    • Ensures that all revenue-generating positions are on track and on budget

    • Generates new ideas for raising funds

    Benefit and Auction *

    • A great opportunity to make a direct impact on supporting the programs that make Hillcrest so special by chairing and coordinating the committee for this annual benefit held in November.

    • Throws the best party of the year by coordinating logistics for the event (venue, entertainment, production values).

    • Coordinates the solicitation of donations from businesses and individuals with the team and all Hillcrest parents.

    • Creates a fun and exciting atmosphere leading up to the big night (marketing, sales, fun-loving).

    • Reports the revenues back to the PTA Board (expenses, income, etc., etc.) then takes a rest.

    Benefit and Auction-Elect

    • Acts as right-hand to Auction Chair to ensure a seamless transition from one year to the next; assists with Auction Chair activities; learns the system and has a great time.

    • All you need is a good bit of enthusiasm, love for the Hillcrest kids, some organizational skills and a little creativity.


    • Chairs the fundraising committee for the annual Walkathon and Carnival

    • Coordinates the solicitation of donations from businesses and individuals

    • Oversees all marketing activities, fundraising activities, PR to the students and the Hillcrest community, etc., to generate enthusiasm and boost revenues

    • Coordinates the logistics for the event, including securing booths, arranging food through Village Market or another supplier, getting raffle prizes, training the kids to raise money, overseeing a t-shirt contest, etc.

    • Reports the revenues back to the PTA Board—responsible for maintaining that the event meets revenue targets and expense items

    Scrip Sales

    • Responsible for selling paper scrip and “expanded scrip” (i.e., gift cards to national and local stores) to the Hillcrest community

    • Educates the Hillcrest community on how to sign up for credits to Hillcrest through an electronic program at Albertson’s and Safeway

    • Educates the Hillcrest community on Schoolpop

    Donation Letter

    • Coordinates with the VP Membership to include a letter with the orientation packet; suggested donation is $200 per student

    • Suggests to all donors who have employer match programs to submit paperwork for matching contribution

    • Sends out thank you letters to all donors with tax ID number; this is a legal requirement for donations over $250

    5th VP – Safety/Facilities/Emergency Prep *

    • Oversees positions for playgrounds, safety/emergency prep, and gardens

    • Ensures that all positions spend within their allotted budget


    • Responsible for overseeing any upgrades/maintenance for playground and facilities

    Safety/Emergency Preparedness

    • Works with the Principal to develop a safety plan

    • Makes sure that each child has an emergency supply packet

    • Makes sure that each class is equipped with an emergency supply backpack

    Garden (new position)

    • Responsible for overseeing any upgrades/maintenance to the gardens/nature area

    • This year, this person will oversee the phased garden plan that is already in place

    Director – Community Relations *

    • Works with the community relations volunteer in each class to come up with an age-appropriate community service project

    District Representative

    • Attends School Board meetings and reports back to PTA Board

    Director – Communications *

    • The communications director lines up the people to edit the YP each week and sends it to Beverly and the PTA President

    • Orders the yellow paper for the Yellow Pages (comes from communications budget)

    • Oversees the historian and webmaster


    • Assembles and preserves a record of the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the association

    • Acts as the custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the association

    • Assists the President with the preparation of the association’s annual report


    • Maintains and updates website

    • Works with people in charge of various fundraisers to update copy

    • Distributes the electronic version of the Yellow Pages, and puts it up on the website, deleting phone numbers and other personal data

    • Maintains all school email address list

    Director – Fine Arts/Technology *

    • Works closely with Fine Arts and Technology positions

    • Assists in finding/hiring art/music teachers when necessary

    Fine Arts

    • Coordinates getting parent volunteer art assistants to work with Gitty Duncan and any other art teachers in the classrooms

    • Assists in finding/hiring art/music teachers when necessary

    • Approves any purchases for art/music teachers


    • Check with Matthew Merzbacher

    Director – Middle School Representative *

    • Acts as the liaison between the middle school and the PTA

    • Coordinates any middle school activities and keeps PTA apprised

    Parliamentarian *

    • Attends all meetings (board and general) and gives advice on parliamentary procedure when needed

    • Calls the first meeting of the nominating committee, conducts elections of chairman and gives instructions in procedure

    • Chairs the bylaws committee and reviews bylaws and standing rules annually

    • Periodically, the state puts out a new version of the bylaws and then each PTA needs to adapt it to their own situation. A committee should be formed and revisions made. Once approved by the committee, changes to the bylaws need to be announced and posted, giving membership 30 days notice before voting on their adoption

    * voting position

Last Modified on April 22, 2016