• CSEC Readings for Students

    Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins – stories of 5 young people who get caught up in the sex trade for different reasons: sold by mom, kicked out of the house and living on the streets, groomed by a predator, etc. (Uses the word “prostitution;” not sure if this will be problematic.) This is a harsh look at the brutality of being in the life. Contains discussion of the author’s research and a robust list of resources.
    Traffick, by Ellen Hopkins – sequel to Tricks showing the 5 kids getting (or trying to get) out of the life, and dealing with the aftermath. Just as powerful as the first book, also include resources.
    Little Peach, by Peggy Kern – runaway teen targeted by a predator, forced to join a stable of child sex workers The book opens with her in the hospital after being beaten by her pimp. Doesn’t contain resources but puts a relatable human face on the situation.
    Breaking Free, edited by Abby Sher - 3 stories of girls escaping the sex trade – the first story was found to be fabricated but the other two make this a worthwhile book (especially the story of a girl trafficked by her parents while still going to school, playing soccer, etc.) Contains resources.
    Stolen: The True Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor, by Katariina Rosenblatt powerful story of a girl –now an adult – growing up in the sex trade.  I read this a while ago and can’t remember if it has resources, but it does a nice job of showing how easy it is to get in, and how hard – but very possible -  it is to get out.

    *Book recommendations courtesy of Carla Riemer, OUSD Librarian