• Roosevelt: Design for the Future

    RMS Bulldogs To fulfill our mission, we have dreamed up innovative plans to transform from a factory-model school to a school that delivers a vibrant learning experience for all students.  


    In the Spring of 2016, Roosevelt Middle School was awarded a $350K redesign grant by the Next Generation Learning Challenges network to design a school that effectively meets the needs of modern and future students and society. Through this planning grant, Roosevelt piloted Personalized Learning initiatives and drafted a blueprint that outlines our evolution in the next three years.


  • Building a comprehensive and visionary plan, ensuring that key stakeholders are invested, and running a large urban school at the same time has been challenging, but our team and school community have risen to the challenge and expect to actualize our vision.


    Finally, we believe that our work and our transformation will have a broader impact. We will have a vertical impact in that Roosevelt is collaborating with the neighborhood elementary schools and the local high school in order to create a “San Antonio Schools Corridor” with plans to personalize learning as a K-12 system.


    We will have a horizontal impact in that the best practices we learn as a Next Generation school will be shared and scaled within the middle school network of OUSD.