• Castlemont provides programs and support for all English Language Learners, including Newcomer students, such as student mentors, counseling services through our on-site partner Children’s Hospital of Oakland, after-school homework time for Newcomers, and software to accelerate language and allow for personalized learning language time. We also work with Laney College’s Interpreter Program to dual enroll seniors to begin earning this certificate before they graduate. Support for parents of ELL students includes parent English classes, recruitment of parents to engage in the English Learner Advisory Committee, translation of all student materials, translation at all school meetings, and invitations to all reclassification ceremonies.


    Classroom structures and individual activities include:


    • Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary instruction
    • Talk-to-the-text
    • Explicit and deliberate vocabulary instruction
    • Syllabic skills development - suffix, prefix and roots.
    • Academic Discourse built into every lesson
    • Sentence Stems
    • Closed captioning in movies
    • Language objectives built into content objectives "Example: Students can describe the protagonist by using descriptive adjectives" (students would receive a list of adjectives to choose from)


    Students are also given time to read pieces of text multiple times.

    Our goals for English language development include:

    • All students show growth in CELDT levels within two years at Castlemont
    • Reclassification rates each year are 30% or higher