Question Answer
What do red (negative) numbers mean? If the the balance for any item is negative, the entire row shows in red. Balances typically show negative for two reasons: 1) employee benefits that exceed District averages. These amounts will be covered by the District as benefits at another site will be below average. 2) budget items assigned to the incorrect budget code. These items require a budget transfer from another account to cover. The overall budgets (all rows) should have a positive balance.
How do I find my school's budget? Use the "Select School or Dept." filter. Deselect the "All" checkbox, then to search for your school. Select the checkbox next to your school and click the "Apply" button. The screen should refresh with the details for your school
Is there a glossary? Yes. See our glossary of terms on the Fiscal Transparency homepage. If you don't see a term, please complete our brief survey and let us know.
Can I search by specific funding resource? Yes, you can use the "Select Resource" filter to search for specific resources (e.g. Measure G, Supplemental, Concentration)
How are the budget categories determined? Like all California School districts, OUSD uses the Standard Account Code Structure (SACS) provided by the state.
How are school budgets determined? School budgets are determined annually by the number of students served and adjusted by the needs of the student population. Initial budgets are projected in the Spring and then adjusted once school begins and details of the students are known.
How are budgets connected to school strategies or LCAP goals? We are working diligently to provide online tools for the public to see the connection between budget expenditures, strategies and results. Please see our "Roadmap" on the Fiscal Transparency homepage for a summary of our direction and efforts.
Are the budgets reported in the Expenses Dashboard the same as listed in the LCAP? Not necessarily. The Expenses Dashboard includes all expenses. By law, LCAP focuses on specific resources provided by the state and may not cover all expenses. OUSD is working diligently to share all expenses with stakeholders in an understandable format.
How regularly is the Budgeted Expenses Dashboard updated? Currently, the dashboard is updated monthly. It is a snapshot at the time the report is run. You can see the date of the report by hovering over the lightbulb icon in the upper right of the Dashboard.
How can I ask a specific question about the Expenses Dashboard or the Fiscal Transparency website? Please complete the quick 3-question survey on the Fiscal Transparency homepage and include your question.
How can I request specific reports or financial information? You can initiate a public information request with our Communications Department through their link on the District homepage.
Why are private schools included in the Expenses Dashboard? Private schools receive some federal dollars that pass through OUSD.