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    What We're All About It

    In the Education & Community Health Pathway, you will analyze some of the most pressing issues in education and health, and explore careers dedicated to transforming young people. Students will graduate from this pathway proficient in public speaking, research skills, and interpersonal communication.


    Course Sequence

    10th Grade

    Option 1: Introduction to Education

    Option 2: Introduction to Community Health

    Prepare for life after high school with college visits, career exploration, resume and personal statement writing, personal expression and communications skills, including spoken word and poetry, public speaking training and teaching for a day in local elementary schools.

    11th Grade: Educational Psychology

    Explore classic, developmental and abnormal psychology, particularly of adolescents. Develop workshops that teach younger peers about the effects of drugs on the body and mind. Facilitate Mental Health Awaremess for the entire Skyline Community. Every 11th grader is offered a summer internship opportunity in the field of Education and Community Health.

    12th Grade: Peer Education

    Learn and teach others about educational (in)equality, ethnic studies, food (in)justice, gender studiens, and other social issues. Final project is a community-based project that utilizes effective collaboration with peers, community members, and non-profit organizatioins. Mentor younger Skyline students with the Pass-2 Program.


    Careers, College & Community

    Students in this pathway have a huge assortment of options for careers. Some of the possibilities include: Health Educatior, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer, Behavioral Scientist, Substance Abouse Counselor, Social Worker, Teacher, Administrator, Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologiest, Health Care Worker.


    Visit departments in major universities including UC Berkeley's Psychology and Education Opportunity Program and UC Santa Cruz's Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. Visit to Holy names Universtiy and Berkeley City College are also options.


    Our students reserach, analyze, and take civic action around issues relevant to their personal experiences and the communities in which they live.


    Community partners include: Oakland Kids First, OUSD Community Schools and Student Services, Girls Inc., Alameda Health Services, parent Leader Action Network, OUSD Office of the Superintendent, OUSD Talent Recruitment, Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, and Native American Health Center.