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  • What We're All About

    The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology (Green) Pathway prepares students to take part in the coming global shift. Humans will change how we recieve and consue the energy needed to live a modern life. In the Green Energy Pathway, students will understand the pressing concerns facing the environment and help to identify solutions to those problems. Most importantly, students will gain the confidence needed to make their bold solutions a reality. 


    Course Sequence

    9th Grade: Biological Connections to Energy and Envirnoment

    Biology with a focus on energy in living systems.

    10th Grade Sustainability 1

    An introuduciton to sustainable energy and green technology.

    11th Grade: Physics of Energy Science

    Designing and modeling the energy efficient buildings of the future.

    12th Grade, Option 1: AP Environmental Science

    You will understand how we can take care of the resources of our forests, lands and oceans. The course prepares you to take the AP exam for a chance at college credit.

    12th Grade, Option 2: Sustainable Systmes

    You will understand how to take care of the resources of our forests, lands and oceans.


    Careers College & Community

    Students in this pathway have a variety of exciting options for careers. Some possibilities include: Solar and Wind Design and Installation, Green Chemistry, Green Architecture, Interior Building Design, Green Construction, Electrical Systems, Waste Management, Research Science, Environmental Science, Public Transportation and many others.


    After finishing our program, students will be well prepared to enter into university for Science or Engineering. In addition, we also have a close relationship with the "Green" Technology program at Laney Community College. You will have the options you need to make clear choices that work for you and your future goals. 


    The way we live our lives and power our society is contributing to climate change, which affects our future. If you understand why and how this happens, you will help any community or workplace. You will be able to define important solutions for the future and make them a reality.  

  • Department Faculty


    Dr. Ayo Akatugba

    Pathway Director

    510-482-7109, EXT. 174  (510 )482-7109, EXT. 174