•  Victory Lee

     Victory Vickie Lee

    September 7, 1949 - February 4, 2016
    Berkeley, California
    A Letter    
    Dear Victory,
         I really like the garden.  It was a beautiful garden.  The chickens were cute and fluffy.  I know you’re gone but I still like the flowers. I remember you when I was in Mr. Hill’s class and you made a lot of fruit and vegetables—healthy fruit and vegetables.  You were a great garden teacher.  You showed me how to learn.  I want to be in your job when I am big.  You were very thankful to everyone and friendly with everyone.  You showed us the beans and peppers pollinating plants.  You are in the sky and I am in the earth.  I remember your name.  Your name is Ms. Victory.  My name is Pedro.  I like studying with you but I can’t because you’re away.
    Pedro F.
    Ms. Victory
    By May M. P.

    The trees grow high,
    Underneath the great blue sky.
    Flowers bloom bright,
    Where butterflies come by and bring delights.
    With the honor of Ms. Victory,
    She will be an unforgettable gardener
    For all to see her bounty.
    Thank You,
    Ms. Victory