• Our Roots: A Closer Look
    The interconnected work of Community Schools & Student Services.

    Health & Wellness Academics School Culture & Climate Youth Leadership Expanded Learning Social & Emotional Learning School Readiness & Transitions Family Engagement
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  • Health & Wellness
    Health & Wellness
  • Learning
  •  All-City Council works to make health initiatives understandable and student-friendly.
     Linked Learning health pathways are being built at many high schools.
     Summer programming includes 60 minutes of physical education a day.
     TUPE provides education toward drug prevention and social & academic empowerment.
     Afterschool programs provide physical education, nutrition education, and gardening education.
  • Thriving
  •  The Transitional Students and Families Unit refers students to mental health services.
     Summer programs include Lunch & Breakfast for all students.
     SEL is a large section of the CHKS survey, gathering data on healthy school environments.
     The Behavioral Health Unit supports linkages to mental health & wellness in school.
     Youth Advocacy focuses on promoting healthy foods.
  • Together
  •  The Family Engagement Unit integrates Health & Wellness into family literacy nights/workshops.
     Parent leadership trainings incorporate Health & Wellness policy.
     Parents volunteer in salad bars at lunch & in school gardens.
     Juvenile Justice Center provides access for health needs and community resources.
     We collaborate with partners to provide dental coverage and glasses for students.
  • (Community Schools & Student Services supports students through three main focus areas:
    Learning through real-world opportunities, Thriving through healthy environments, Together with families & community.)
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