• Our Roots: A Closer Look
    The interconnected work of Community Schools & Student Services.

    Health & Wellness Academics School Culture & Climate Youth Leadership Expanded Learning Social & Emotional Learning School Readiness & Transitions Family Engagement
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  • Academics
  • Learning
  •  We integrate Sexual Education into our Science and English Language Arts classes.
     All-City Council runs a youth campaign for A-G requirements.
     Afterschool programs are running STEM, math, and literacy curriculum.
     Summer literacy and math intervention programs are aligned with Common Core.
     We offer Career Technical Education courses for high school students.
  • Thriving
  •  SEL is embedded in our Teacher Growth & Development System and on the Elementary Report Card.
     We communicate graduation requirements to students and families in transition.
     The Juvenile Justice Center locates credits outside of OUSD and coordinates school enrollments.
     Nurses & health partners participate in Coordination of Services Teams.
     All-City Council engages students in creating academic recommendations to better serve students.
  • Together
  •  We run parent workshops on reading, attendance & School culture.
     We run site-based parent workshops on understanding Common Core Standards.
     We run literacy workshops for families of young children, supporting Kindergarten transition.
     We work to give health partners access to academic data.
     The Partnerships Unit is creating a literacy partner data tool project.
  • (Community Schools & Student Services supports students through three main focus areas:
    Learning through real-world opportunities, Thriving through healthy environments, Together with families & community.)
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