• Common Core State Standards K-5 Technology Skills Scope adn Sequence

    (What do we have to learn?)

    The Common Core, which guides all instruction in OUSD, does not have a specific section for technology. Instead, technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, appearing in all subject areas. The attached document, adapted from the Fresno County Office of Education Recommended Digital Literacy and Technology Skills to Support the California Common Core, shows what skills should be introduced, practiced and mastered from Kindergarten through 5th grade:

    Common Core California State Standards K-5 Technology Skills Scope & Sequence

     Student Work Samples: Word Processing

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    Simplied Overview of Lessons & Skills for Each Grade Level

    Technology Lesson Plans Overview:

    Kindergarten and First grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students will learn to change font sizes, styles and colors as well as Insert, size and position clipart, add page borders and print documents. Students will also explore their creativity with the art programs on computers and tablets.

    Second graders will utilize the foundation in typing and writing to expand into more diverse skillsets including spreadsheets, presentation tooks, internet research, comic creations, coding/programming logic, and continue their development of word processing and typing proficiency.

    Third graders will combine multiple skillsets to complete projects challenging students to research facts, collect images, name, store, and manage filesets, and create multimedia presentations. Students will work with a variety of computer applications including spreadsheets, persentation tools, and word processing. They will also explore coding and visual programming concepts.

    Fourth and Fifth graders will be involved in science and social studies presentations, a variety of research assignments, coding and programming games, develop skills in graphic and photo editing, website creation, narrated slideshows, video screen capture, video editing, word processing, typing and more.

    (adapted from K5 Computer Lab, which also has more detailed outlines for each grade level as well as online resources for teachers and students.)

Last Modified on July 29, 2016