• Community Schools Stories
    Our Community Schools Stories aim to highlight the Community Schools work being done across Oakland school sites.
    The first story is an overview of Oakland Community Schools. The rest of our stories detail the specific work being done at five OUSD schools. Each story can be enlarged and printed by hovering over the top-right corner of the PDF, once loaded.
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  • Healthy Schools
    Healthy Schools, Thriving Students
    Key Themes in Community Schools
    A full-service community school shares much in common with one of Oakland’s stately old oaks. Just as our beloved oaks need deep roots and healthy branches to grow and thrive, our schools need to be rooted in caring, respectful ...
  • CCPA
    Coliseum College Preparatory Academy
    Partnerships Key to College-Ready Success 
    It’s Decision Day at Coliseum College Preparatory Academy. The auditorium hums with excitement and every seat is filled as students, staff, and family members are gathered to learn where seniors will be headed for college. It’s a day ...
  • Ralph Bunche
    Ralph J. Bunche High School
    Welcome to the School of Resiliency 
    It’s a Thursday morning in mid- December and Betsye Steele, principal of Ralph J. Bunche High School, is holding her weekly new-student orientation session. She sits at the small table in her office talking with Antwon, the school’s newest ... 
  • Roosevelt
    Roosevelt Middle School
    Bridging Cultures, Creating Community 
    A small blue and green globe is passed from hand to hand as parents, staff, and community partners introduce themselves and share about a cultural tradition or characteristic that they’re proud of – and that they want other members ... 
  • MLK
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
    A STEM School with a Community Focus 
    It’s a cold and rainy March morning, but the Spring showers haven’t dampened the enthusiasm of the community of Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School. Young children and elders, staff, and community partners have packed ... 
  • Tech
    Oakland Technical High School
    African American Male Achievement at Oakland's Largest High School 
    Three days a week, you’ll find Eric Clayton walking the track at Oakland Technical High School. He does it for his health and he does it to support Johnnie, an African American freshman and one of the young men he counsels and mentors. While ...