• OUSD Graduation Requirements


    A diploma of high school graduation shall be granted to any student who:

    • Completes a total of 230 credits in grades 9-12(see below for specific coursework)
    • Earns a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.00 in courses that satisfy graduation requirements
    • Completes a senior project/exhibition during the 12th grade year of high school
    (This project shall be a serious research project or exhibition which demonstrates achievement of school-wide learning goals and designated key content standards)


    Course Requirementsfor OUSD High School Graduation




    OUSD High School Requirements for Class of 2012, 2013, and 2014

    OUSD High School Requirements for Class of 2015 and beyond (including “a-g” requirements, marked with a *)

    a. History/Social Science

    3 years (30 credits)

    3 years (1 year of World History*, 1 year of US History* , 1 year of Government*/Econ)

    b. English or English Language Development (ELD)

    4 years (40 credits)

    4 years of College-prep English* (ELD 5 may count for 1 year).

    c. Mathematics

    3 years (30 credits) of college prep math (including algebra & geometry)

    3 years including Algebra*, Geometry*, and Advanced Algebra* or Intermediate Algebra*

    d. Laboratory Science

    3 years (30 credits) (1 year biological; 1 year physical; 1 year science elective)

    3 years (2 of the 3 must be Biology*, Chemistry*, and/or Physics*)

    e. World Language**

    1 year (10 credits) (Sign language may satisfy this requirement)

    2 years of the same language*

    f. Visual / Performing Arts

    1 year (10 credits)

    I year (10 credits)*

    g. College Prep Electives

    60 credits (12 semesters)

    1 year college prep elective* (“a-g” certified course) + 40 additional elective credits

    Physical Education

    20 credits (4 semesters)

    20 credits (4 semesters)

    ** Students may demonstrate proficiency in world language through an assessment test.Please ask your principal for additional information.