• JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Be Safe, Responsible, & Proud on-line.

    Addressing the 21st century skills of digital citizenship is important to help students learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly.

    Every school MUST complete Digital Citizenship lessons annually, per eRate federal rules.  To meet this requirement, we encourage schools to participate in Digital Citizenship week October 19 - 23, 2015 as part of October’s National Bully Prevention Month. Watch this 2.5 minute video!

    There are 3 Ways for schools to be involved each day throughout the week:

    1. Teach a 45-minute lesson. If time is tight, teach the one suggested specific activity from the aligned lesson.

    2. Show the highlighted video and complete one activity per day.

    3. Send home the corresponding Family Tips Sheet and share the other suggested family resources as you see fit.
    Ask your child's teacher and Principal about it!


Last Modified on November 11, 2015