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    Digital Life 101. Adults may think of kids’ online, mobile, and technological activities as “digital life,” but to young people they are just life. Common Sense Media gives you the info you need on the positive and negative impacts of digital media on our lives, our communities, and our culture.


    The Ups and Downs of Our Digital Life

    The Internet is a powerful tool with both positive and negative implication. Students discuss their online lives and responsible digital citizenship. 


    Cyberbullying Prevention Tips  Texting is now the main way teens socialize with friends, check in with mom and dad, and share content. But for parents, dealing with text-happy kids can sometimes be a challenge. Get tips on how to keep your kids’ texting under control.

    Parent Concerns Kids of all ages are swiping and scrolling, totally transfixed by screens of all sizes. Welcome to the new frontier of parenting. If you have questions, Common Sense Media has the answer.

    How can I prevent Cyber-Bullying? 
    Three Tier Approach to School Safety:  Prevention-Intervention-Protection-PIP Framework
    • Prevention.  Define, teach, and acknowledge whole-school culture where positive Cyber Responsible behavior is ‘expected’.  The goal is to create a positive school culture in which positive behaviors are explicitly taught and reinforced and all adults respond in a consistent way. 
    • Intervention.  Responding and investigating to specific incidents of bullying and harassment.  Example; provide (a) training and support for adults specific--cyber bullying prevention, (b) training and support for youth to assist in addressing specific problem behaviors, (c)re-teach or affirm specific pro-social skills, and (d) provide small group intervention aimed at specific skill sets.
    • Protection.  Provide direct, individualized support for students who are engaged and highly impacted by Cyber Bullying.

    Contact:  For more information, questions, concerns, etc. on OUSD Cyber Citizenship/Cyber Safety protocol and response, please contact nobullying@ousd. org for any Anti-Bullying related questions.


Last Modified on November 17, 2015