• Introduction to the 2015-16 OUSD Principal Framework

    Oakland principals participating in the Leadership Task Force (LTF) originally determined eight leadership practice dimensions of effective Oakland school leaders to provide broad and aspirational goals for enacting the district vision. While all leaders are first and foremost instructional leaders, there are other leadership dimensions that are often less tangible and quantifiable. For 2015-16, OUSD staff revised the reorganized the original eight dimensions into six new dimensions.

    Each dimension encompasses two to five elements. Within each element, three to six leader indicators describe leadership actions and strategies and guide principals to deepen practice in that dimension. For each element there are also school level behaviors that describe possible actions, behaviors, or indicators that will likely be present at the school if the element is actualized. Through dimensionsstepselementsleader indicators, and school level behaviors, the OUSD Principal Framework provides guidelines that support leaders of excellence and equity.

    The Principal Framework is designed to reflect developmental levels of leadership from novice to exemplary. It is not necessary to be proficient or exemplary in every element in each Dimension to be an exemplary leader. Rather, it is essential to focus on particular parts of practice depending on a school’s current context and a leader’s current assets and resources.

    Every guide is designed to be aspirational as well as practical. The third step of the Principal Framework called Ensuring Collective Responsibility and Accountability, is designed to draw attention to the importance and necessity of shared leadership and ownership in achieving ambitious and robust outcomes for student learning. Because the principal role is tied to school level goals and outcomes, it is not possible to fully separate the leadership level indicators from the school level behaviors or indicators of success. They are co-dependent in a positive way. However, in terms of assessing the performance capacity of the school leader, this document adheres to the role of the leader in each element level in each dimension.

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