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    The Early Assessment Program (EAP)  measures 11th grade students' readiness for college-level English and mathematics. It is embedded inside the SBAC assessment.  The goal of the EAP program is to have California high school graduates enter the CSU and CC system fully prepared to begin college-level study.

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    April 9 - May 4, 2018 

    Please note the EAP is a 11th grade student opt-in component of the SBAC. Oakland Unified has an 100% student participation goal. 

    General Information
    EAP website  Cal State Ed 2015
    Parent Information Cal State Ed 2015
    Student Letter  Cal State Ed 2015
    Student Letter -Spanish Cal State Ed 2015 
    EAP Senior Booklet Cal State Ed 2017 

    Junior EAP Notification - register for notifications to find out when your scores are ready. 
    Scores range between a 1-4 for English and Math.
    --A score of 4 indicates the student is college ready in the respective content area and is exempt from many CA college placement exams in that content area. 
    --A score of 3 indicates the student is conditionally ready and needs to contain their academic growth and earn a grade of C or better in the appropriate class to be ready for college and exempt from CA college placement exams. 
    --A score of a 1 or 2 indicates the student will need to take the college placement exams  and  will need to continue to work in the subject area in order to be college ready.