Roadmap 2021-24

  • 2021-24 Roadmap

    We are excited to share our 3rd Roadmap to ELL Achievement for the years 2021-24. We are ready to face the steep challenges presented by the pandemic to double down on quality services for our Multilingual Learners.  We remain committed to the LCAP goals and our aligned four priorities: 

    • Empowering Quality Instruction
    • Quality Language Programs
    • The Whole Child
    • Central Systems and Practices



    See our Translated Roadmap Executive Summaries here: 



Previous Roadmaps

Roadmap Translated

  • This video explains how the Roadmap to ELL Achievement is based on evidence from the Stanford Review. ELLMA uses the Roadmap to guide work to improve outcomes for English Language Learners, one of the student groups of highest need in Oakland Unified School District.


Yearly Progress Reports: 2015-17

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