• Student Work Permits

    • OUSD is proud to support youth employment. Once the student has found a job, s/he should follow these steps:

      Step One: Pick up a Work Permit Application Packet from the school you currently attend or if you attend one of the listed neighbor schools get your work permit application from the neighbor school indicated:





      Castlemont HS

      Irma Fuentes

      Main Office


      Amy Boyle

      Main Office

      Dewey Academy

      Michelle McKnight

      Main Office

      Fremont HS

      Claudia Lara

      Main Office

      Life Academy

      Alicia Girabaldi

      Main Office

      Madison Park Academy

      Joaquin Garcia

      Main Office


      Audrey Wade Attendance Office

      Oakland HS

      Gayle Fake

      Main Office

      Oakland International

      LaDale Cummings

      Main Office

      Oakland Technical HS

      LaDale Cummings 

      Main Office

      Ralph Bunche Academy

      Evelyn Delgado

      Main Office

      Skyline HS

      Alisa Douglas

      Asst. Principal’s Office

      Sojourner Truth

      Sheryl Thompson

      Main Office, Castlemont

      High School Linked Learning Office ***

      Edith Gambrell

      1000 Broadway, Suite 440

       *** The High School Linked Learning Office processes work permits for: McClymonds, Met West, Street Academy, Private, Charter, and Parochial Schools

      Step Two: Complete the Work Permit Application Packet. Print all information legibly and accurately. 


      • Under the section, “For Minors to Complete,” complete ALL items under the "Minors" section. The employer who will hire you must complete the employer section (all areas). EMPLOYERS' WORKERS’ COMPENSATION COMPANY MUST BE PROVIDED ALONG WITH THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HOURS STUDENT WILL WORK EACH DAY.
        • Parent or guardian must review and sign work permit application.
        • No faxed or emailed copies will be accepted; must be original application

      Step Three: Return your completed application to the office associated with your school (see table above).



      • You must have at least a 2.0 GPA and 90% attendance to keep your permit. Always do your best in school and at work.


      • Allow at least Five Business Days to process from the date you drop off your work permit application.


      • Parent or guardian who signed student’s application may pick up their student’s work permit.


      • The High School Linked Learning Office will process work permit applications during non-school hours up to 4 p.m.