• Linked Learning: College, Career & Community Ready


    What’s improving for high school students in Oakland? We know students are more engaged in education when they can connect their learning to the real world. Through Linked Learning, Oakland Unified School District is creating opportunities for students to do just that! With the help of industry partners, students experience career and college connections while gaining knowledge and skills that link to classroom learning.

    Students can choose from 32 pathways in different industry sectors, including computer technology, health care, engineering, law, and green energy.  Linked Learning connects strong academics, demanding technical education, comprehensive support services, and work-based learning to create a high school experience that prepares students for future success in education and work. OUSD data show that Linked Learning increases student engagement as well as student preparation for UC/CSU admission, and decreases the high school drop-out rate.


    Visit our Linked Learning Website to learn more about the exciting opportunities for students, educators, and community partners!


    “It's more than just you go to class, you stay there and then you leave. Since we go out [into the community] a lot with teachers they help us on a more personal level and with education. They help us with college, they help us with jobs that we might want to shadow. So it's more than just going to class.”


    Linked Learning students follow industry-themed pathways in a wide range of fields, such as engineering, arts and media, biomedicine and health. A well-designed pathway consists of four core components:

    • An academic component 
    • A technical component 
    • A series of work-based learning opportunities
    • Support services