• Student ID & ASB Perks Card
    Every student is required to have a photo ID for the current academic year. The photos will be taken during the mandatory registration dates. The IDs will be made on the same day and will include the student's name, year in school, photo, and ID number.
    Students may also purchase ASB Perks. 
    ASB Perks!
    For the price of $50, you could receive events and discounts on apparel valued at $130! That's a savings of $80! Here are some of the discounts available with a purchase of ASB Perks!
    $5 off Dances: Homecoming, Winter Ball and Prom
    $1 off  Movie Nights 
    $1 off all Skyline apparel
    $5 off  a Yearbook
    Free admission to Performing Arts shows
    And some extra perks throughout the year! 
     Come buy your ASB Perks in the Student Store!