• Online Resources
    Use these online resources to answer questions and get information without delay! You must use your OUSD user name (derived from your OUSD email address) to access these sites.  If you need assistance accessing your OUSD email or logging in to these sites, please contact Tech Services at 510-879-8178.
    • Employee online (EOL) -Your employee information and access tool!  Review your own employment and pay information, without waiting and at your convenience. 
    • Pay Resolution site Paycheck errors (such as a short check, or no check) can be reported via this site for the quickest response.  You may also request assistance by contacting the Payroll department at 510-879-8206.
    • Employee Intranet Knowledge Center - A comprehensive searchable online library of documents drawn from all departments with information on various aspects of OUSD and it's policies, structure, processes, procedures.  Browse and learn!