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    Partner Agencies


    OUSD partners with multiple agencies to provide school-based health centers at Oakland schools. The list below organizes health centers by the agencies that operate them:

    East Bay Agency for Children 
    Frick Health Center
    East Bay Asian Youth Center  
    Oakland High Shop 55
    Fred Finch Youth Center 
    Rising Harte Health Center  
    La Clínica de La Raza 
    Oakland Tech TechniClinic
    Fremont Tiger Clinic
    Havenscourt Health Center
    Hawthorne/UPA Health Center
    Roosevelt Health Center
    Youth Heart Health Center

    Lifelong Medical Care
    Elmhurst United Health Center
    WOMS Health Center 

    Native American Health Center 
    Seven Generations Health Center at Skyline
    Seven Generations at UFS/Life
    Madison Health Center

    Special Grants/Funding That Support Resource Area

    Funding for OUSD's school-based health centers come from Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, Kaiser Permanente, Atlantic Philanthropies, Oakland Fund for Children and Youth, and Measure B Facilities Bond Dollars.



Last Modified on September 12, 2019