• Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

    The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children refers to sexual activity with a child or teenager in exchange for anything including money, shelter, basic needs, love, protection or debt relief.  Children and teens can be forced or manipulated into being sexually exploited.  Unfortunately, Oakland is a hub for predators, pimps and exploiters who often seek out female students between the ages of 12-14 years old.  Together, we can help Oakland children and teens by educating students, parents, teachers, staff and community members on the risk factors, red flags and what to do if they know or suspect a child or teen is being sexually exploited.  Often, a child or teen does not realize they are being exploited.  A child or teen being sold for sex is a form of grave sexual, physical and mental abuse perpetrated by both the exploiter and the buyer.  There is no such thing as child or teen prostitution.  
    If you have questions please contact your schools Behavioral Health Program Manager.