• About "Honoring Our Own"

    "Honoring Our Own" began in 2009, Oakland Unified School District's "Honoring Our Own"  Employee Recognition Ceremonies have become an established and favorite tradition celebrating the dedication and excellence of employees in many roles within OUSD, who have found opportunities in their roles to make substantial contributions to the success of Oakland's students.   Whether Teacher, Leader, or a Support Team member, each award winner has been nominated by peers for their contribution as a team member to our common effort to create a difference in the lives of our students.  
    How does it work? 
    Annually, a call goes out for nominations - anyone may nominate any employee for recognition.  All nominations are rigorously vetted and a final selection of winners are invited to be guests of the Superintendent and Board of Education at a celebration and presentation event.  
    In calling out our colleagues successes for recognition, we celebrate the successes of our organization as a whole and affirm the truth that in order to sustain commitment and optimism, and support continued improvement we must recognize and applaud examples of creativity, or dedication and of simply excellent practice as the standard which we continue to set for ourselves in all our work.
    "Honoring Our Own" employees exemplify the level of care, concern and performance we seek from every employee.
     Please contact Laura Brady with any questions at Laura.Brady@ousd.k12.ca.us or 879-0848.