Office of Emergency Services

  • The OUSD Office of Emergency Services mission is to work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, surrounding community and local, state and federal agencies to ensure all members of the OUSD community are prepared to respond collectively as a community, quickly and effectively to any disaster.

     School Safety Plan

    The Office of Emergency Services assist administrators with the development of schools' site safety plan. Every school has a comprehensive safety plan in place - the multi-hazards plan includes lockdowns, fire, earthquake, safe ingress/egress, on/off campus evacuations, and much more!

    For more information on a specific school, please contact the school's Principal.

    Districtwide Annual Drills

    As part of the Districts emergency preparedness efforts, every year on the 3rd Thursday in October, we conduct a districtwide drill with all of our schools and central offices. It's a great opportunity for everyone to practice what to do in an emergency/disaster as well as an opportunity to continuously enhance on site's current safety plan.

    To participate in our next drill, contact the school's Principal for more information.  

    Emergency Preparedness Supplies

    The Districts emergency preparedness efforts include safety plan development, drills and emergency supplies - every school has an emergency phone for communications and 3-day emergency supplies kit in every classroom. In addition, parents are encourage to provide a "comfort package" or familiar favorites in a zip lock bag for their child(ren) to use in case of an emergency to supplement a school's emergency supplies. 

    For more information on how you can help, please contact the school's Principal. 

    Additional Resources

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    American Red Cross - Prepare Your School

    2022-2023 School Site Safety Plans

    FEMA IS-100.SCA: Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools -