About OSPD

  • The Oakland School Police Department provides specialized law enforcement and campus safety & security services for the Oakland Unified School District. The unit consists of 20 sworn personnel and 120 School Site Officers (SSOs) who cover both the schools and neighborhoods across the City of Oakland with one crystal clear priority: the safety of OUSD students.


    OSPD Police Officers are highly trained and have specialized training specific to campus safety and law enforcement in an educational environment. OSPD embraces OUSD’s principles and goals of maintaining a Positive School Climate, to include the use of Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice as part of our daily operational practices. 


    OSPD is comprised of sworn and civilian personnel in the Bureau of Field Operations, to include Campus Safety & Security Unit and Bureau of Support Services - Office of Emergency Services.


    OSPD serves an estimated population of 40,000 students and 5,000 employees in the City of Oakland. We patrol and provide police services to approximately 100 OUSD owned properties.


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