The Middle School Community Service program is a continuation and extension of the activities in which they have participated since Kindergarten.

    Guiding Principles:

    • Connect with our school community.
    • Connect with our greater Oakland schools community.
    • Connect with our greater Oakland community.
    • Honor community service work done by students with their families and community groups.

    Philosophy and Expectations

    You don't have to be powerful to make a huge impact on your community. Community Service TEACHES and MODELS for our children what it means to be part of a community. Our community is Oakland. All Hillcrest students can contribute their time and effort to better their community.

    In the past, children collected money or things to contribute to organizations to which they had little connection or follow-up. The child’s focus was on competing to see who could collect the most. We believe there is more power in DOING. When we give more of ourselves in the form of time, effort and talent, we create an opportunity to connect and interact with those we are helping.

    Every Middle School student will have the opportunity to connect and feel ownership of their school through their service to the younger students, and the Hillcrest community as a whole. Ongoing projects have been established at each grade level as defined below. Other projects are funded with volunteer time and effort as they arise.

    Parent Support

    As detailed in Volunteer section of this handbook, the Community Service coordinator works with established service opportunities and helps students find interesting and fulfilling service activities. If you have an idea for service activities feel free to get in contact with the coordinator.

    Service Activities at Hillcrest

    Listed below are examples of possible service activities at Hillcrest. Activities are focused in three areas:
    • Helping younger students (e.g. tutors/reading buddies, PTA babysitters),

    • Making the school a better place for all (e.g. safety patrol, green team), and

    • Raising money for the middle school (e.g. Pizza Friday and the Pumpkin Patch).


    Gradel Level Activities
    6th & 7th Grades Spring carnival/walk-a-thon Pizza Friday Pumpkin Patch
    8th Grade Fall Annual Benefit Pumpkin Patch


    Activity Description
    First Grade Reading Buddies Read with a 1st grade student for 30 minutes a day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Fridays after school under the supervision of a first grade teacher.
    Fundraising Volunteers Assist with middle school fundraisers (Pizza Friday, Pumpkin Patch, etc.) to raise money that defrays the cost of the annual middle school overnight trip.
    Green Ambassadors Help younger students organize lunch waste into food waste, recycling, and trash so that they will deposit waste into appropriate bins. Opportunities exist every day at lunch.
    Library Assistants Help monitor the library, check out books, and shelve books before school, after school and/or during lunch recess.
    Office Assistants Answer phones, take messages and log student absences in the school front office before school starts.
    PTA Babysitters Babysit for PTA Board Members/PTA Meetings once a month from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Volunteer shifts are listed on MS Community Service Bulletin Board.
    Safety Patrol Assist 4th & 5th grade safety patrol members with car door opening before school. Safety Patrol training class required.
    School Garden Projects Assist with the school gardening projects to beautify our school grounds, as directed by Hillcrest Gardening Committee.
    Teachers' Assistants Assist teachers with projects, usually before or after school.
    Tutors Tutor a 2nd – 5th grade student after school for 30 – 60 minutes on topics assigned by the student’s teacher, in that teacher’s classroom.