"Retirement" isn't just an employment status, it's a GOAL - to be able to stop working and focus on what we want to, with our income and healthcare sufficient for our needs and secure.  
    • Securing your Income:  As an OUSD employee, you are participating in a PENSION PLAN that helps you save toward retirement.  This plan should be part of a larger savings strategy and OUSD offers the opportunity for you to set up additional savings plans through your PENSION PLAN administrator.  Click here to go to the PENSION page to learn more about your pension plan.


    • Planning for your Healthcare costs - As an OUSD employee, your health benefits have been subsidized; as a retiree, while you are still able to participate in the district's group plans, your coverage plan, and costs will change.  Medicare may become part of the equaton.  As you approach retirement, we can help you ensure you have completed all the necessary tasks so there are no surprises or interruptions in your coverage.  Click here to learn more about retiree health costs and plans
    Are you thinking of Retiring within the next YEAR? 
    You should begin planning now! Retirement is a big step and it will take time for make sure your transition is smooth.
    To retire from OUSD, you will need to:
    • Work with a financial planner to estimate your expenses and earnings (Social Security and your pension plans have these services available)   
    • Work directly with your pension plan(s) to apply in a timely fashion to collecting benefits, and
    • Work with OUSD Benefits staff to change your Benefits status, ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate Medicare plan and maintain coverage into retirement if you wish it. 
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