• Staff


    Central Office

    Jamal Muhammad

    Program Manager / Student Leadership Advisor


    Tiago Robinson

    Program Manager - College and Careers



    Kevin Jennings

    Program Manager - Elementary and Middle Schools


    Phyllis Copes

    Administrative Assistant



    Jerome Gourdine

    Director of Targeted Strategies


    Manhood Development Program

    Bro. David

    Piedmont Avenue Elementary School


    Bro. Edward

    Oakland High School


    Bro. Darral

    Montera Middle School

    Bro. Jonathan 

    Skyline High School

    Bro. Barry

    McClymonds High School

    Bro. Corey

    Claremont Middle School

    Bro. Kevin

    Oakland Technical High School


Contact Us

  • Frick Middle School

    2845 64th Avenue

    Music Building

    Oakland, CA 94605

    Phone: (510) 879-2938





    Thank you for supporting the Office of Equity. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, the Oakland Public Education Fund, and can be applied to our general fund, or to one of our targeted initiatives.