Sankofa Morning Circle with Superintendent Wilson
    On October 25, 2014, OUSD hosted a Districtwide community engagement at West Oakland Middle School (WOMS). This particular engagement included much of the budget-related information presented at earlier engagements, but placed much greater emphasis on school governance, particularly the role of School Site Councils (SSCs) in building parent, staff, and community engagement as well as decisionmaking capacity at school sites. 

    Every school in OUSD has a School Site Council, and this group helps determine the direction of the school. Membership in a School Site Council is a great way for parents, staff, and community members to participate in the leadership of a school and to help it grow. The October 25 session at West Oakland Middle school ran from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and breakfast, lunch, childcare, and translation will be provided. The day began with an overview of District priorities and the OUSD budget. It continued with skill building workshops where attendees learned more about the responsibilities of a School Site Council and how to get involved.

    In the afternoon, School Site Council members participated in the election of parent representatives to the District Advisory Committee for the Local Control Accountability Plan, better known as LCAP. This group helps ensure that District funds are being spent in accordance with priorities identified through the citywide community engagement that’s taken place since 2013. Click here to learn more about the Local Control Accountability Plan and how it helps inform District funding decisions and shape the objectives, themes, and strategies of OUSD's Strategic Plan.
    Numerous questions were posed to staff during the course of the event that required more research or reflection to answer properly. The questions and their answers are displayed below for your review.