• For the 2014-15 School Year, OUSD developed a more equitable way to allocate money to schools. In this modernized process, the school staff, shown in the school budget tables titled, “Initial 2014-15 Base Full Time Employee (FTE) Allocation,” are funded through a central pool of money. The school sites do not pay for these positions from the funds they have been allocated. The second table on each sheet, titled “Initial 2014-15 Budget Unrestricted & Restricted” shows the different types of funds that schools have received.

    All of these numbers represent a snapshot of the school’s budget at the beginning phase of this process in March 2014. The snapshot does not show how school sites spent their funds, and thus does not necessarily depict the current or full picture at the school. For example, a school may currently have two more positions and fewer dollars than shown here if it spent its unrestricted funds on two additional FTE.

     School Budget Screenshot Text